Improving Food Intelligence

The October issue focuses on "Food Intelligence." Help your readers to be more mindful about what they eat with these weekly tips, resources and event ideas.

Week of Oct. 5-9: You don't have to become a health-food fanatic to eat better; just learn to be more mindful. Read food labels, and understand what the terms and amounts mean. Learn more about food labels at: Oct.HopeHealth.com/nutrition

Week of Oct. 12-16: This Friday, Oct. 16 is World Food Day, a time to focus on doing something about world hunger. To find out how to help end world hunger, go to Oct.HopeHealth.com/foodday

Week of Oct. 19-23: An apple a day can add up to a whole lot of good. One-half cup has only 42 calories and no cholesterol or fat. Plus, apples are high in fiber, vitamin A, and niacin. Visit an apple orchard to pick your own and even buying them becomes health promoting, because you're being active. To find local orchards, go to: Oct.HopeHealth.com/orchard

Week of Oct. 26-30: Arrive safely. Be mindful of all driving distractions. According to one study, drivers with food or drink distractions are 3.6 times more likely to be involved in a collision than drivers who do not eat and drink while driving.

Keeping spills in mind, insure.com reported these as the top 10 worst foods/drinks to consume while driving:

1. Coffee 6. Soda pop
2. Soup 7. Barbecued foods
3. Tacos 8. Fried Chicken
4. Chili 9. Jelly or cream-filled donuts
5. Hamburgers 10. Chocolate

Oct. 16 World Food Day - Hold a "Canned Food Casual Day." Employees can wear casual clothes to work for bringing canned food items that you donate to a local soup kitchen or shelter. Worried about appearing professional in front of customers/clients? Post signs that explain why employees are in jeans. Your customers/clients likely will be impressed with your commitment to the community.

Host an "Apple Day" - Bring in apples for employees to enjoy. Place in kitchens or break rooms along with a note suggesting employees check out a local orchard for an apple-picking adventure, along with this link for them to find a nearby orchard: Oct.HopeHealth.com/orchard

Game On: Tailgating for the Pros - Make sure your pre-game get -together goes off without a fumble by following some simple tips and ideas.

Post-workout Recovery Plan - Even if you're trying to lose weight, you still need to restore some of your body's lost fuel after finishing a fitness session. Learn how to be smart about what you choose.

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